Happy Thursday…happy vacation

Some things that make me happy…

Running. I ran a 12km last week, my longest run in over a year. Two years ago, 12km was a short run that I only bothered with once a week. One year ago, it would have taken a miracle for me to run that far. You lose your fitness fast and gain it back so much slower. I’m just happy it’s on it’s way back.

Acceptance (finally). I want the body of someone who runs 60km a week. I’m willing to run 20km a week. For a long time I was wishing for a miracle, hoping for changes without putting in the effort required. I think I’ve finally accepted that this is one miracle that is not going to happen. I’ve accepted that I’m going to weigh what I weigh and my clothes will fit how they fit for at least as long as I keep living how I do. And I’m totally okay with that.

Angel Olsen.  I missed this show on Monday, sadly. But I heard it was beautiful.

Old friends. I’ve known Nick since January 2001. He and his super rad wife and 2 little boys live in Sydney, Australia. He is one of the 3 people that read this blog on a regular basis. On the weekend we got to hang out after a lot of years of not hanging out and it was great. Hi Nick.

Being an adult. Don’t get me wrong, it can totally suck. But there is also something really rewarding about doing what you gotta do, about doing right by yourself.

Summer vacation. Today my love and I are road tripping to the Okanagan and it’s going to be amazing.


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