July Money; Yup Summer

Oh July. So fun. So full. So expensive. Summer is totally here.

Here’s my breakdown:


Fixed Expenses 11%
My “fixed expenses” (rent, insurance, utilities, etc) that were extra high in June (I paid rent twice) were extra low in July (I didn’t pay rent at all). These should probably be back to being legitimately fixed in August.

Savings 24%
Due to my extra low fixed expenses I was able to kick butt at saving in July. I paid myself back after all the “borrowing” I did from my savings in June. I put my usual 9% towards long term savings and then managed a little extra in my short term savings accounts to boot.

Eating 15%
How did this even happen? I’m bad at groceries apparently. Maybe the cost went up? That’s probably it.

Morely 14%
Morely is my beloved 1996 Subaru wagon who usually causes me almost no financial pain, except this past month. The worst part is, the problem isn’t even fixed, so it looks like she’s going to be eating up some of my August budget as well. Ugh. C’mon Morely, get it together.

Travel 11%
I explored BC this month with three weekends away throughout the province. Beautiful place I live in.

Health & Fitness 10%
Because I’m honest, I’ll share that “fitness” makes up nearly none of this pie slice. All health in July: I bought contact lenses and so many vitamins.

Good Times 8%
How is my entertainment budget this low? I don’t understand. But the data doesn’t lie. I must have spent all month curled up at home eating groceries.

Other 6%
Charity, gifts, dry cleaning, household and that is all.


Good luck in August!



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