Happy Sunday…

Some things that have made me happy over the last little while…

Journalling. I’ve officially been keeping a daily journal for two years now. I can’t even tell you how cool it is to look back on what I was doing/how I was feeling that day 1 year ago and now two years ago. So much can change over the course of a year. SO. Much. I would recommend this practise to anyone, even if it’s just a few lines each day.

Dry Shampoo. Since becoming a blonde back in June I’ve been trying to cut down on how frequently I shampoo/condition my hair, as we all know by now that sudsing up often is no good for your locks. Dry shampoo has been saving my butt, or at least keeping me from looking like a grease-ball in between washes. I’m using got2b and am happy with it, but Batiste is supposed to be even better.

Sons of Anarchy. I’m only on the first season, but I am so hooked. I get the hype. Although, not sure starting an addicting TV show with such a limited number of summer days left  was a good life choice on my part.

Sleeping on the couch. Love that.

Summer markets.  I’ve bought beautiful furniture and amazing fresh produce. I’ve had tamales and fresh juice and local beer and cider. I’ve overcome the desire to buy jewellery and bags and pottery. The summer market season is coming to an end sooner than later, so hit these up while you still have a chance.

App cleanse. Though “happy” might be an over-simplified description for what I’m feeling. I deleted the Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter apps from my phone on Friday. I still plan on using all three platforms, I just don’t want them at my finger tips for right now. More on this later.

Happy Sunday. xo


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