August Money

I, personally, find it super interesting to see how others spend/save/indulge. You might too. Here’s what went down with my cash in August. 

I spent a lot last month. As if I’m the only one. August, you aren’t cheap.



Fixed 35%
The usual mortgage, insurance, utilities, etc.

Travel 24%
Where did I go? Not Europe or Hawaii or Japan, as this number would indicate. Nope. In fact I didn’t even leave British Columbia. I welcomed August in the Okanagan where I splurged on wine and bubbly whenever I had the opportunity to. I had a very splurge-y 24 hours in Vancouver visiting some old friends from high school. And I wrapped up the month with another night in the city seeing Jack White and a couple days on Salt Spring Island. I also totally emptied my travel savings account.

Eating 11%
Groceries. Mostly for me. A little bit for Kurt.

Good Times 11%
Both my restaurant and my drinks budgets were the highest they’ve been all year. Like significantly higher than any other month. It was fun though. With summer coming to an end I expect this spending will drop back down again…until December.

Looking and Feeling A+ 9%
There were some crazy good sales at Shoppers Drug Mart in August. The spend X amount and receive a gift card for X amount kind. So I stocked up on all the vitamins, sun screen, moisturisers and make up that I needed. I spent a lot, but I also saved $50 thanks to the gift cards so I’m going to call it a win.

Saving 8%
Thanks to automation I put 9% of my monthly income into savings each month and I always intend to put aside a little more. That didn’t happen this month because I was too busy taking trips and eating in restaurants. Next month. (The 8% instead of 9% is because I spent more than I earned in August).

Other 2%
Charity, parking, household.


2 thoughts on “August Money

    • I think I was grasping for balance rather than actually achieving it. 🙂 I think the thing I’m most looking forward to this fall is being home and actually being able to save some money!

      Good luck with September…I can’t wait to hear all about your travels!

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