Happy Sunday

A Special Song. How do I even explain this? You know when you hear a song on the radio and you know that there is someone out there who, when they hear that song, start thinking fondly of you? That’s a good feeling. There’s got to be a word for this in some other language.

Country Strong THIS MOVIE IS ON NETFLIX AND IT’S SO SO SO SO GOOD. It’s probably my new favourite. Katie has seen it 5 times. And last night I had a dream that Garrett Hedlund texted me asking for advice for fun things to do in Houston, Texas, which is not really right because he’s Katie’s movie star boyfriend not mine (mine is Tom Hardy).

Colleen Weekend. My boyfriend was out of town this weekend and while I missed him, being alone was kind of amazing. I did activities such as: running trails, getting a massage, loading the dishwasher without being told ‘I’m not doing it efficiently’, listening to CBC very loud, eating cheese, practising a cat eye, sleeping in a diagonal position on the bed, seeing some girlfriends, and watching so much TV. Once again, it was amazing. I’m ready for him to be home now though.

Amy Peohler. She rules.

NYFW. That stands for New York Fashion Week, which I don’t actually care about. I’d live in courdoroys and crocs if I cared less what people thought. But my best friend Katie is there right now, being the amazing hair stylist that she is, so that’s pretty freaking cool. If you do follow fashion, check out Alice + Olivia and I bet they’re models have the best hair do’s of them all.


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