My Top Picks for Rifflandia 2014

If you live in Victoria, BC and run in a crowd of music snobs like I do, your social media feeds probably look something like this:

Rifflandia Super Pass for sale: $75 obo. Please someone, take it off my hands. 

Rifflandia just keeps getting bigger and worse. 

Rifflandia, proving that underwhelmed is, actually a word. 

Haters gonna hate. I don’t think there’s anyone out there would whole-heartedly argue that the line up this year is awesome, but it’s not the worst. There are a few gems amidst the noise. And if you bought your Super Pass early (or get one for under market value from a jilted fan), then it’s definitely worth the money spent. Here are the 10 bands I’m most looking forward to seeing:

Lightning Dust. Their new stuff doesn’t really sound like their old stuff which I’m madly in love with, but whatever. This is still going to be a highlight. Sunday 3:30pm at Royal Athletic Park

Reuben and the Dark. I’m a fan of this band. I love this style of music. I’m happy it’s having it’s time in the spotlight. Friday 3pm at Royal Athletic Park

Zeus. This is the best cover song of all time.  Sunday 1:15 at Royal Athletic Park

Pickwick. Love these guys. Friday 12:30 at Alix Gooden Hall

Old Man Canyon. I just heard this for the first time while doing my Rifflandia research, but I love it. Friday 9:30 at Public Market

Death Cab For Cutie. C’mon. If you’re under 35 I know you secretly liked these guys 8 years ago when they were actually relevant. I sure did. And I’m going to love seeing them play Saturday 7:45pm at the Royal Athletic Park.

Fox Glove. I’ll admit that there’s a bias here. One of the members of Fox Glove is my coworker and friend. But still, how beautiful are they? Thursday 11:30 at Studio CMCT

Dum Dum Girls. Kurt is freaking out about these guys. I think this could be one of the top shows of the festival on Saturday 5pm at Royal Athletic Park. 

Danny Brown. I don’t actually know anything about Danny Brown other than he didn’t show up to play Rifflandia last year, and when he was in Canada a few months ago he said he was never going to come back. I also know that people who have good taste in hip hop are pretty stoked to see this guy on Thursday 10:30pm at Phillips. I’m pretty sure that everyone with a wristband is going to try to be here, so come early.

The New Pornographers. Classic Canadiana on Saturday 5:45pm at Royal Athletic Park. 







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