The other day I was complaining to Katie that I felt like I didn’t even have a summer because I was away so much. She glared at me. Ah, are you complaining that you went on too many awesome summer vacations? Touché Katie Mac. Touché.

I went to Vancouver for work. I went to Vancouver for a family reunion. I went to Seattle because it’s there. And to Portland to eat. I went to Qualicum Beach and Comox to see some people and just to get away. I went to Comox for work. I went to Vancouver to see my friends from Australia and then again to see my friends from Calgary. I went to Hope to see my high school bestie. I went to Vernon to drink wine (and see Kurt’s family).  I went to Vancouver to see Jack White. I went to Salt Spring Island to get at least a couple nights of camping in before the summer ended.

I did go away a lot. Nowhere far and nowhere exotic but away nonetheless. But that was only part of what made my summer so great and full because staying in town is awesome too.

I ran a 10km trail race. I became a blonde. I watched my boyfriend when the city’s lacrosse championships. I drank too much wine and too much ginger apple cider.  I saw 2 couples tie the knot and another 3 get engaged. I went on a pub crawl by way of a boat. I bawled my eyes out at Guardians of the Galaxy. I watched a lot of TV. I love TV. I had 11 friends from out of town come and visit me. I went to farmer’s markets and bought fresh produce and ate from food trucks. I watched Spaceballs in the park. I saw Death Cab for Cutie and all sorts of other bands at Rifflandia. I ran and hiked and spent hours and hours just being with my closest people.

Thank you Summer. You’ve been so good to me.


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