In October 2012 I struggled with some of the worst anxiety I’ve ever had. It was constantly hard for me to breath, the only things that made me feel okay were running and drinking so I did a lot of both. I ran my first half marathon with a terrible cold in a time of 2:05. I was the skinniest I’ve ever been. I had Thanksgiving with Katie and Thai take out and a Treatza Pizza. I joined a curling league. I worked close to 60 hours a week. I tried to pay off my debt but had to replace the clutch in my car instead. I dressed like Leela for Halloween and danced to Plants and Animals, hiding behind my giant eye. I had many good times with the people who I love.

In October 2013 I settled happily into the comfortable stage of my relationship.  I went out less and watched more TV. Cuddled more. Life slowed down, but not so much that it became boring. I regularly struggled to run 10km. I had Thanksgiving with Kurt and his family in Vernon, BC. We explored the lakes and the vineyards and ate too much. He surprised me with a night at Sparkling Hill aka heaven on earth. I heard the Sadies play and Margaret Atwood speak. I worked close to 50 hours a week and put $1600 towards my debts. I had many good times with the people who I love.

In October 2014 I hope to:

  • Be happy. Be calm. Be spontaneous. Be present. Be powerful.
  • Eat mostly healthy and be active most days. Love my body for where it is today, not it’s potential.
  • Hear some live music.
  • Travel to middle of nowhere to spend Thanksgiving with my parents. Hopefully see a friend along the way.
  • Not hate Halloween.
  • Work 40 hours a week. Put $1100 into savings.
  • Find balance between living the life and resting.
  • Have good times with the people who I love.




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