Lately I’ve had trouble finding the time and motivation to write a legitimate blog post. No excuses really, that’s just how it’s been. So instead of something written with thought and feeling, please accept this collection of random thoughts:

I. I think I might be a bad dresser. I thought I kind of had style down, but some recent events have me thinking otherwise. Last week my two best friends told me they were going to dress like me for Halloween. We’ll wear cords and crocs and a band tee shirt and a long, baggy cardigan. It will be hilarious, they said.  The next day my boyfriend said to me, We should go as Wayne and Garth for Halloween. You can be Garth, just wear your glasses and put on a hat. You can just wear your normal clothes. Ugh. Currently looking for recommendations on fashion blogs.

II. Speaking of my boyfriend, he rules. The other morning I had gone out extra early for a run without waking him up on the way out, instead waking him on the way in. The first sleepy words that came out of his mouth were, You’re so beautiful. I love your new shirt. It wasn’t a new shirt, it was an old running shirt but that’s not the point. His instinctual first words every morning are compliments. I totally hit the jackpot.

III. I have an old friend who manages one of the “cool” night clubs in town. Sometimes I make him promise me that he’d hire me to work there if I needed a job. It helps me kid myself that I’m still young and hip enough to work in a night club even though I’m totally not.

IV. I wish that night janitors didn’t always seem so earnest.

V. When I go running in the early morning or later at night, when it’s dark, I’m constantly making note of which houses around me have lights on, where the nearest people might be. I’m hyper aware of this when I see someone walking towards me. I’m hyper aware of the nearest place to seek help. Do other women do this? Do men?

VI. I feel like I have to make a choice between having a glass or two of wine every night or losing those last stubborn pounds. No one with any sort of fitness background has advised me that this choice is necessary, but it’s just something I instinctively feel is true. Every morning I decide I want to give up drinking. Every night I decide I’m comfortable with my extra cushion. I wonder if I’ll ever make up my mind.

VII. I’m going to visit my parents for Thanksgiving. They live in the middle of nowhere. I’m going to really enjoy spending the long weekend wearing almost exclusively pyjamas.


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