Thankful (belated)

I’m thankful that nearly all adventures begin with a one hour and forty-five minute boat ride. Just kidding. I’m only thankful for this some of the time. Most of the time it’s just beautiful nuisance.


I’m thankful for road trips. I’m thankful that I can sing Weakerthans songs at the top of my lungs and he tolerates me. I’m thankful I have tolerance for his versions of Beck. And for his half-decent singing voice.


I’m thankful I’ve always lived in places and travelled to places that require driving through the Fraser Canyon. What a humbling and breathtaking corner of the world. 20141018-101618-36978571.jpg

I’m thankful that even though the home I grew up in now belongs to another family, I still have a home to come to.



I’m thankful for food and for eating. Every day I’m thankful for this. I love eating. Also I’m thankful for digestive enzymes.



Thankful for these two, for raising me to be independent and supporting me through my successes  and mistakes. I’m thankful that they keep my pretentiousness in check, laughing at me because I don’t know how to chop down a tree.



I’m thankful that they live in place where this sunset is a bad one.



I’m thankful for outdoor activities like stand up paddle boarding. I’m thankful that I didn’t fall in.



I’m thankful for red wine and boat rides, even in the fall.



I’m thankful that I’m a naturally great shot, even from far away, even with old shot guns. It will come in handy one day maybe.



More than all of it, I’m thankful for this guy who keeps me smiling and laughing and relaxed and thankful everyday.



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