A Christmas Letter

Merry Christmas!

Do people still write update letters like this at Christmas? Or have we given up on them as a culture because they are self-centered and dorky? Fortunately/unfortunately for you I’m kind of both of those things, so you’re getting this letter.

In 2014 I turned 32. However I did not achieve any of the typical 32 milestones or life events. I did not get engaged or married. I did not have a kid.

Other cool things did happen though!

• In April Kurt and I moved in together. This was a very good decision on my part because Kurt is awesome. He not only puts up with my bullshit, I think he might actually love me for it. We make up songs and sing them all the time. If I’m accidentally mean to him he goes for a walk and comes home with wine for me. We slow dance in the kitchen at least 5 times a week. I am happy and lucky.

• I went on a crazy, culture-clashing three week excursion that including time in San Antonio (fundraising conference), Austin (best city on the planet), Congo (big hospital ship doing cool surgeries) and Paris (Kurt met me there. It was romantic). And I did it all with a carry on! I didn’t even check a bag! I went on a bunch of other trips too. Travel is great. Routine is also great. Balance is a process, not a destination.

• After 13 years I started eating meat again. My favourites are: bacon, roast beef and umami burgers.

• My metabolism slowed down. You either understand me or you will. Remember post-Australia Colleen? Circa  2004? That’s my regular look now. Am I the only one that thought I was going to be the one person this didn’t happen to? Because of this I’ve started distance running again. Next race: Dirty Duo 25km. Who is in?

• I got a promotion at my dream job (Mercy Ships—big hospital ship staffed with international volunteers that does free surgery and medical training off the coast of Africa, currently in Madagascar). I’m now the Manager of Advancement! I get a staff! I get to hire 2-3 people! Are you interested? Low pay, but high emotional reward. Fun yet impossible boss. Let me know. And because I’m never not working, please consider Mercy Ships when you make your annual charitable gift this year.

• Favourite album of 2014: Tie between Hozier’s self titled and War on Drugs’ Lost in the Dream

• Favourite movie of 2014: Guardians of the Galaxy

• Favourite book of 2014: Tie between Toews’ All My Puny Sorrows and Atwood’s Stone Mattress. Seriously, those two women know me to the inner most corners of my soul.

• I got a dog named Kevin.**


**I didn’t actually get a dog at the time of writing this, but I hope so much that I have one by the time you read this. I want a dog so badly. I will literally take any dog. Kurt is being more picky though, so we don’t have one quite yet.


2 thoughts on “A Christmas Letter

  1. My gay husband and I always joke that we’re going to get a dog and name him Kevin McAllister! Please get a dog named Kevin. (Kurt, you better be reading this.)

    Great letter, hun! Sorry I’m reading it a few days late. I’m so happy 2014 was good to you – and congrats on the promotion! Also, I had $51 left in my charity budget, so donated it to Mercy Ships after reading this. (Job well done, hehe.)

    Happy New Year, xo

    • Did I tell you that I’ve applied for 5 rescue dogs and no one will give me one. Seriously. It’s like you have to quit your job and be a stay at home dog mom and sign your name in blood that you will never have kids before they will even consider you. So…if you hear of a great Kevin let me know!

      And thanks so much for your gift Cait! xo

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