An excerpt from my journal on January 28th, 2013

After work I met Katie at Mount Doug and we hiked. I was so excited for my hot chocolate date with my internet crush, but slowly the nerves started creeping in. Katie came over and watched TV while I made us dark and stormy cocktails (to take the edge off) and dinner. She gave me her opinions on my outfits. We laughed a lot. Then I went to meet him, my internet crush, Kurt, at a coffee shop downtown. He is smart and funny and we have a lot in common. He doesn’t drink coffee, which is weird, but I think I can get past that. Maybe. He certainly does have the gift of the gab though, wow. It went well, I thought, but then I love the initial meeting, getting to know someone. Everyone is interesting in the first 5 hours you spend with them. It’s the time after that that I struggle with. When I got home I wanted to text him to say thanks, to say that I had a nice time, but Katie said don’t. Be cool, she said. I could like this guy. We will see.


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