Better Man

Even though his first album, Coming Home, only came out earlier this week, I feel like I’ve been listening to Leon Bridges for months. Oh wait, that’s because I have. Bridges has been releasing singles from Coming Home as teasers. A little something-something to wet the palate. And my how it has worked. The album is brilliant and I was pretty much counting down the days before its release.

On another note, I totally thought Leon Bridges was a hidden gem that no one knew about. And then Kurt told me his music was on the latest Apple commercial. He’s officially huge.

If you haven’t listened to the full album yet, you should do so immediately. Or at least this weekend.


How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful

I’ve been waiting for an album like this all year. Seriously. After feeling slightly (only slightly) disappointed by both the latest Decemberists and Father John Misty albums, I’ve been anxiously awaiting some new music that gets me excited. And here it is with Florence and the Machine’s How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful. After first listen all I wanted to do was listen again. She’s amazing.

Coming Home

Leon Bridges’ EP Coming Home came out on Tuesday. Give this a listen. This is a kid from Texas who recorded these two songs last year. It’s hard to believe. I cannot wait to hear what his full length album sounds like over and over and over again.


While all the cool kids my age were listening to Nirvana, I was busy grooving to Reba, Garth and Little Texas. Mock my pre-teen taste if you will, but this song is a jam.

What A Terrible World, What A Beautiful World

Considering I’m the least patient person on the planet, I’m pretty lucky that my most anticipated album of 2015 got released only a few weeks into the New Year.

The Decemberists’ What A Terrible World, What A Beautiful World

It’s beautiful and complicated and simple all at the same time, like most Decemberists albums. I like it more than anything they released during their weird old-world-psuedo-misogynistic phase, but definitely not as much as their last album, This King is Dead.

I’m waiting rather impatiently for them to announce tour dates in either Vancouver or Seattle…or even Victoria, though I’m not getting my hopes on that. Seeing them live is on my musical bucket list.