June Money; Hey Summer

Want to hear something not cool? In June I spent about $1100 more than I earned. For someone who only so recently crawled her way out of debt, this is terrifying. I’m thankful for the financial padding I’ve been able to line my bank account with over the last few months (for the first time in years) and for my tendency to over-plan and over-prepare for everything, including future purchases. Without these two factors I’d have been back in the red. And probably totally panicking because we all know that the summer months aren’t cheap.

Here is a breakdown of what I spent. 


“Fixed Expenses” 46%
This is too much. However it is (hopefully) a one time thing. To save you the boring details, there was a miscommunication with the bank and I ended up paying my portion of the mortgage twice this month. Like I mentioned above, thank goodness for financial cushion. If it wasn’t there all of my cheques and automatic payments for the first of the month would have bounced.

Travel 22% 
Hey summer, nice to see you again. Most of this is accounted for in the 5 day trip I took to Seattle and Portland at the end of June (it was awesome). But I also spent a weekend in Vancouver for a family reunion and bought a hotel Groupon for trip I’m taking in July. Here is where the advantages to being a planner come in, I could not have afforded these two trips and the hotel booking on my monthly salary alone. But I know summer costs more. And I know I don’t want to miss out on summer activities or stress about going into debt. So for the last few months I’ve been putting some money aside each month in preparation for these expensive fun times. It’s these savings that funded all of the above and kept me in the black.
Entertainment 7%
Once again, hey summer. So many friends in town on vacation. And I don’t blame them, Victoria is a magical place, if I didn’t live here I’d want to come and visit too. But what that means for me is dinners and drinks out, larger grocery bills and other costs associated with entertaining. It’s awesome to see my friends and worth every penny, but it is a lot. June was a big month for this and I’m expecting July to be more of the same.
Other 7%
Parking, charity, gifts, health and fitness, etc.
Looking Good 6%
I bought the usual odds and ends. And then I bought a flawlessly beautiful pair of nude Swedish Hasbeen sandals that I’ve had my eye on for awhile now. I could afford them, but only because I had money set aside. The only downside to my beautiful new shoes is that my “shopping fund” now sits at $0. Sigh.
Food and Drink 6%
I actually did really well here this month.
Savings 6%
This percentage looks better when I don’t spend way more than I bring in. Oh well. It was still a dollar amount that I’m happy with.
And now it’s July. The month of 2 weddings, 2 birthdays, 6 out of town guests, and 2 trips away. Wish me luck guys.



6 thoughts on “June Money; Hey Summer

  1. Yeah I think with summer it’s easy to let your guard down a bit, which includes spending too. I think in the winter it’s easier to hibernate with the shorter days and colder weather, but we don’t want to limit ourselves when it’s so nice outside. I have to fight temptation all the time. Hopefully you can get back on track this month!

    • Thanks Tonya, I hope so too, though it doesn’t feel like it this week–2 birthdays, a wedding, and 6 friends from out of town visiting followed by a weekend away….

  2. First, I love your pie chart. 🙂

    Second, that’s so crappy about the mortgage payment mix up! Even though you had the money, I’m sure it still left a little feeling of panic in you. I’d freak if my rent came out twice, lol.

    Good luck this month. I’d argue that July/August are more expensive than Christmas time (depending on how many people you shop for). May the money gods be good to you!

    • Thanks Cait. 🙂

      I’m right in the middle of what I’m pretty sure is the most expensive (and busiest) 10 days of the year (2 birthdays, 1 wedding, 4 friends +kids in town, and then a weekend away). So far it’s worked out better than anticipated financially. And I’ve totally enjoyed every bit of it, which is the real goal in the end.

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